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Hi, we are KIWC! After working at several companies within the industry and with more than 20 years of experience, we started our services in august 2013.
KIWC is an independent company which supports all welding, inspection and QA/QC activities. 
Main area of expertise: (Petro) Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Pipelines (on- and offshore), Manufacturing and (offshore) Structures.

Something totally different we support is Stichting PIM! The foundation which made our first “friendly” encounter, in 2010, happen and therefor has a special place in our heart!
Stichting PIM, a unique parent initiative, is a second home for 16 multiple limited kids (who are permanent residents) and guest clients. Since 2013 they have also created a day spending place.
To gather donations we joined several sports events along the years. Our newest challenge is the LRCH 4D Challenge in May 2021.

 Will you support us? And at the same time support a great Foundation, you can contact us for donations!
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